Wisdom Teeth Removal

Using advanced procedures to ensure less pain, less swelling, and more comfortable healing.

Most adults have 32 teeth but only have room for 28 teeth in the mouth. The third molars, or wisdom teeth, usually begin to come in around age 17-25. For most young adults they do not have the space to accommodate these four molars and problems may arise because of this spacing issue. The extraction of one or more of these third molars to avoid further problems is a relatively common procedure, performed on millions of patients every year. After a thorough examination and diagnostic tests such as x-rays or a CT scan, you may be told that you should have your wisdom teeth extracted. Here are some typical reasons why:

  • The area near or around the third molars can become swollen and lead to symptoms including sore throat, headaches, and ultimately infection.
  • Teeth that are unerupted, or impacted, are known to develop cysts that can that can become quite large, leading to hollowing out of the jaw, and can ultimately lead to permanent damage to the adjacent bone, teeth, and nerves.
  • Once the third molars do erupt into the proper position they are difficult to maintain and cleaning near them can be quite tricky. Most will agree it is better to remove these third molars to help prevent future problems and maintain overall health of the teeth and gums.

A complete examination of the oral cavity including review of x-rays is recommended to determine if wisdom teeth removal is a good option for you. As with any procedure, the benefits and risks of the procedure must be weighed along with all treatment options. Your dentist may refer you to our office for evaluation of wisdom teeth due to pain, infection,  future treatment planning, or to prevent future issues. Dr. Shigley and his staff will evaluate you and discuss your treatment options including specific risks and benefits to removal of wisdom teeth. All outpatient surgery at Palmetto Oral & Facial Surgery is performed under appropriate anesthesia and with the state of the art equipment to maximize patient comfort. Dr. Shigley and his staff have the specialized training and experience to provide various types of anesthesia for patients to deliver care while maintaining patient comfort and peace of mind.

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Wisdom teeth removal services are ideal for patients experiencing pain, worried about tooth decay or wishing to improve the overall health of oral cavity compromised by wisdom teeth.

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