Tooth Extractions


Infection, tooth decay, periodontal disease, fracture or misalignment may warrant a tooth’s removal. Allowing problem teeth to remain in place can lead to more complicated problems such as infection, advanced periodontal disease or shifting of teeth.



By using the most advanced tooth removal procedures and techniques, Palmetto Oral & Facial Surgery ensures not only great results, but a more comfortable recovery.

  • Less pain
  • Less swelling
  • Improved healing



  1. Consultation
    Dr. Shigley and the Palmetto Oral & Facial Surgery staff in Greenville and Simpsonville, SC will help determine treatment options, weighing the benefits of keeping teeth versus removing them. Possible tooth replacement options will also be discussed.


  1. Procedure
    Sedation and anesthesia options are available to keep patients comfortable throughout the tooth extraction procedure.

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