3D Imaging


Dental 3D CT scanning provides a quick, detailed, pain-free examination of the face, jaws and teeth, allowing for the creation of three-dimensional, high-definition images. The extreme accuracy involved in this form of 3D imaging helps our team at the Palmetto Oral & Facial Surgery better understand a patient’s condition.

Because patient safety is our top priority, we utilize advancedtechnology to ensure that 3D imaging is performed using the least radiation exposure possible. To receive these safe, high quality dental images, visit one of our offices in Greenville or Simpsonville, SC.


Dental images obtained through cone beam CT scans use lower levels of radiation than conventional medical CT scanning technology and are critical in the following:

  • Evaluating bone for implants
  • Evaluating facial trauma
  • Evaluating some cysts and tumors
  • Locating important nerves in the jaw
  • Determining the location and position of wisdom teeth


  • Accurate diagnoses and treatment recommendations
  • Avoided surprises or complications during surgery
  • Optimal correction and recovery

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