3D Imaging

Dental 3D CT scanning provides a quick, detailed examination of your face, jaws, and teeth with no pain involved. The benefit of this scanning method over more conventional X-ray techniques is that it allows for the creation of three-dimensional, high-definition, and extremely accurate images. Patient safety is our top priority at Palmetto Oral & Facial Surgery, which is why we use cutting-edge technology like 3D CT images to better understand your condition and accurately visualize critical anatomical structures with the least radiation exposure possible. Having this three-dimensional information is crucial in making proper diagnoses and treatment recommendations.

Cone beam CT scans are critical in evaluating bone for implants, facial trauma, some cysts and tumors, locating important nerves in your jaw, and determining the location and position of wisdom teeth. Through the 3D cone beam CT scans, we can get the most accurate images without exposing our patients to the higher levels of radiation that come with conventional medical CT scanning technology. This expert imaging allows us to provide you with the most accurate diagnosis, properly prepare our team for your procedure, and avoid any surprises and unnecessary surgeries during treatment. These advantages often result in shorter operations and less risk of post-surgical complications. We always prefer to know as much as possible before surgery rather than learning during surgery. If you have not received a 3D scan prior to your consultation, you may receive this extremely beneficial image in our office.

Your safety is of the utmost importance at Palmetto Oral & Facial Surgery. We work diligently to ensure that patients receive the highest level of quality care and technology possible. We want every patient to experience optimal clinical results and recovery after the procedure. If you have any questions about your condition or about how this 3D technology can help with your treatment, please call our office in Greenville, SC. Our knowledgeable and skilled staff members are happy to answer your questions.

Sophisticated diagnostic imaging allows our doctors to make the most accurate diagnosis of complex oral and maxillofacial problems and plan the treatment for the condition that ensures optimal correction and recovery.

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Corrective jaw and facial surgery, also known as orthognathic surgery, involves correcting problems of abnormal growth and development of the jaws and facial structures.

You may need to have a tooth extracted if you have tooth decay, advanced gum disease, a broken tooth that cannot be repaired, infection, or misalignment of your teeth.