Our Procedures

The team at Palmetto Oral & Facial Surgery is proud to offer a wide variety of oral & maxillofacial surgery procedures that allow us to combine our skills in surgery and anesthesia to help people achieve improved oral health and confidence in their smiles. Patients with varying types of conditions and unique needs can find the list of procedures we offer and can read about each one to find the one that they need. The best way to figure out which treatment is right for you is to visit our office for a consultation appointment, but if you are looking for more information about a procedure, or you have been referred to our office by your dental professional and are checking out your next steps, we encourage you to browse the pages below.

We have found that patients who are more informed about the procedure they are going to receive are more comfortable with the process. We are happy to be able to provide our patients with this comprehensive website full of information that can help patients prepare and achieve maximum comfort to help the treatment process run smoothly. Of course, if you review the information below and still have questions, our friendly and compassionate staff is more than happy to speak with you and address your concerns. Whether you are coming to our office for an extraction or a more complex treatment of a facial injury or TMJ disorder, we are confident that our extensive list of procedures holds the appropriate solution for you.


Palmetto Oral & Facial Surgery in Greenville, SC, is known regionally and nationally for excellence in dental implant treatment. Dental implants are revolutionizing the way missing teeth can be replaced, allowing you to restore your mouth back to its original function and appearance. Dr. Shigley offers a wide range of treatment options, from single implant placements to full-arch restorations. The team at Palmetto Oral & Facial Surgery is ready to find a solution that works best for you.


Ideal for patients experiencing pain, worried about tooth decay or wishing to improve the overall health of oral cavity compromised by wisdom teeth. Palmetto Oral & Facial Surgery surgeons and staff are the area leaders in the management of wisdom teeth removal. Click below to learn more.


We are proud to offer the latest technology available including CT Scan-Guided Surgery at Palmetto Oral & Facial Surgery. Palmetto Oral & Facial Surgery surgeons and staff are the area leaders in 3D imaging and guided surgical procedures. Click below to learn more.


The All-On-4® technique (also known as same-day teeth or same-day smiles) delivers the maximum results in the shortest treatment time with minimal discomfort. The All-On-4® procedure is a method to replace a full arch of missing teeth with dental implants supporting a fixed denture/bridge. Click below to learn more.


Dr. Shigley and the staff at Palmetto Oral & Facial Surgery are highly trained in treatment of facial trauma. Having full Click below to learn more. All of our surgeons hold staff appointments to area hospitals to provide timely, quality care. Click below to learn more.

Bone Grafting and Soft Tissue Grafting options


Experts in bone and soft tissue augmentation, Palmetto Oral & Facial Surgery surgeons and staff are here to offer all the available options in preparing the jaws for reconstruction. Let us meet with you to discuss your customized options. Click below to learn more.